We are one of leading manufacturers of quality raw material such as Pigment Pastes, Catalyst MEKP 50 %, Cobalt Accelerator and Cobalt Octoate for the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Industries from Bangalore (India).
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Pigment Pastes
Catalyst MEKP 50%
Cobalt Accelerator

Cobalt Accelerator

Cobalt Accelerator
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COBALT ACCELERATOR with 2% and 6% Cobalt content helps Catalyst MEKP 50% in Polymerization of Unsaturated Polyester Resins. The Cobalt Accelerator with Cobalt Salts is best with MEKP.

Cobalt is an extremely active & most widely used drier in coatings & is capable of being used even as a single Drier. It is primarily an oxidation catalyst & acts as a " Surface Drier ". It may have a tendency to cause surface wrinkling, hence to provide uniform drying. Cobalt is generally used in combination with other metals, such as Manganese, Zirconium, Calcium & Combinations of these metals. As the quantity of Cobalt Drier used is very small, it minimizes discoloration in paints & enamels as compared to other
Driers. Cobalt does not discolor white paints as the deep blue color of the cobalt counteracts the yellow of the oils & resins, thereby enhancing the whiteness of the paint. The unique feature of cobalt is that it is least affected by atmospheric humidity. Cobalt is an effective accelerator for polyester.


Capability: As per the buyer's specification
Place of origin: India


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