We are one of leading manufacturers of quality raw material such as Pigment Pastes, Catalyst MEKP 50 %, Cobalt Accelerator and Cobalt Octoate for the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Industries from Bangalore (India).
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Pigment Pastes
Catalyst MEKP 50%
Cobalt Accelerator

Pigment Pastes

Pigment Pastes
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SUVARNA PIGMENTS are made by dispersing dry pigment powders in Non-Styreated Polyster Resin, used for the coloring of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP).

The primary pigments used to make the pastes are selected for their following properties:
Light Fastness, Outdoor Durability, UV Resistance, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Electrical Properties and Toxicity.

The following levels based on the weight of resin is recommended:
Gelcoat: - 10%, Laminate: - 5%, SMC/DMC: - 10%, Rooflite Sheets: - 1% to 3%, Filed Castings: - 5% and Pultrusion: - 10%.

SUVARNA PIGMENTS readily mix with polyster resins. Though small quantities can be easily mixed by hand stirring, for large quantities, power mixing is necessary.


Capability: As per the buyer's specification
Place of origin: India


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